A downloadable game for Windows

Final (hopefully) testing demo before release.

I never really have done any testing for the level pack modding system so I'd like to test general loading times and performance now. The only playable level contained in this demo is a EXAMPLE LEVEL PACK MOD. If it feels a bit repetitive and limited, that's why.

 Since demo day 18 I've changed some minor things (I've mostly been working on modding and getting levels finished, core mechanics haven't been changed really).

One of the main complaints I got last time was the difficulty, I've changed up the difficulty mechanics up so the game should be harder for newer players.

Expect crashes

Install instructions

don't delete the "mods" folder

the mod inside can be edited, I can't really stop you from doing that, but without documentation, good luck


CashOutDemoDay20.rar 26 MB

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