A downloadable cashout for Windows

Please note before downloading, this is the demo that is on my store page, I'd like to demo it here to see if anything doesn't make sense or is confusing, because then it wouldn't function well as a demo.

As a result, there's a lot of stuff cut and a lot of stuff that asks you to buy the full game. Due to the makeup of the demo, I couldn't cut this out unfortunately, I won't link the store or anything because that's not the point of this demo. It's also a bit outdated compared to the full game.

The demo is just a single quickplay raid locked at normal level, with a limited amount of items, weapons, clothing and skills.

Thank you.


CashOutDemoDay12.rar 19 MB


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Maybe it's just because I have a headache from lack of sleep but I couldn't really understand your game because there were too many UI elements and gameplay mechanics thrown at me at the same time. Your game looks really interesting and the art looks good but maybe do a tutorial where you gradually introduce mechanics through gameplay?

Also I'm not sure if you're supposed to be able to click on the windows but give more feedback for the user in the UI or don't include fake buttons because they're confusing.