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Hello, I'm testing Cash_Out, but more specifically a change I made to the health system.

Previously, taking damage would just reduce the damage from your health, like normal. I'm testing a new system though, instead of just removing the damage from your health, the damage is converted to "blood", which drains over time, and can be restored. When the blood drains, however, that health is lost forever.

The idea is that this change SHOULD ideally do the following:

  • Encourage a players to move more, since there's now a time aspect to everything.
  • Discourage players from standing in rooms waiting for cooldowns.
  • Remove the deadlock that healing weapons/skills/items have over everything else.

Since I used my steam demo, there are some limitations, sorry, I tried to remove most of them, I'm not shilling I promise. You can technically play multiplayer but none of the changes have made their way in and they'll be pretty broken.


Oh, and please check out the options, there's a good chance a problem you have will already have a solution in the options menu.


CashOutDemoDay.zip 26 MB
CashOutDemoDay.rar 23 MB


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The health system change does not seem to work as you planned as anything health related turns this game on any difficulty into a cakewalk, despite the limited demo skills from steam into itch.io.  General UI could be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When switching any setting I'm presented with only two choices to confirm(of which I need to hold a key and not press to fill up a non-measurable bar on screen) and none to instantly revert. Please reduce either the timing of the revert window or add a button to instantly revert to the previous setting.

Control page setting with multiple keybindings is good, but you have no option(that I have found or been indicated) for the user to unbind a key itself, freeing it for another action nor a 'reset all to default' button. Plus there's keybinds overlapping as I'm able to bind every single key to escape. On the game itself, the loot pickup system needs to be fixed as whenever there's multiple loot items nearby or overlapping in one position, I am not guaranteed the first selection to be the first visible item(i.e a shotgun that I might need to pickup in the midst of combat) and instead I'm most likely rolling a dice for it to be the item I need). There also seems to be some kind of bug where my mouse will be in the corner/top of the item name box and not show me its description nor be selected.

Equipping clothes in the inventory feels like a slog, maybe reduce the number of actions needed to equip an item? Disable any in-game actions whilst on the inventory screen and allow the player to right click to equip an item only to right click once more to unequip it. Lootboxes tend to bug out with an error log attached, but I'll attribute it to the steam 'port'. I've ran through the game using the Health, Balance and Precision class. Health was good with perks, Balance didn't seem actually balanced and his toxin skill seems too slow for 1-3 second engagements. Precision was a complete and utter cakewalk especially with a pipe. 'Free' stuns, heals for guns, and the global skills with a pipe made me a running tank. I've tried other melee weapons and tossing 'em in stealth, but what was the point when I could just speedrun with a pipe that most likely stuns 100% on the first hit if not outright kill? I don't have the full picture here, but it looks like the easiest cheese for any raid. It does give me some slight Payday 2 vibes if I am to compare, only potentially not yet ruined by DLC greed.  I don't think I've anything else, so I can just wish you good luck on fixing it now.